a glimpse of Myscat and Salala

a glimpse of Myscat and Salala




IMG_3074What a nice place to visit, people are nice and friendly Muscat has alot of interesting places to see in other words you will never get bored.

I live in the gulf and I enjoy traveling and seeing new places interacting with the people and learning more about the various cultures. What I liked about Oman was the sites the cleanliness and how courteous and friendly Omanis are. They are humble and very generous they know how to treat a tourist and they know their country well you can feel how proud they are of their heritage their Sultan and of being Omani. I can honestly say so far from all the Gulf people I met they are the friendliest.

So if you want to do lots of sightseeing and going about Muscat is the place; you can find taxi drivers that will give you day tours all you need to do is negotiate the price.

Salala on the other hand is a very relaxing place, a little sightseeing Hotels usually have shuttle buss that will take you to the souq, from there you can take a taxi and go around the city always negotiate the price. The best part of Salala at least for me was the nice beaches lots of palm, coconut, mango and banana trees there was so much green around, but I was told that I was there to early, I should have visited Oman end of July, August etc. when the weather is more mild and there is even more green around. I guess next time I’ll plan better.

In September I’m planning another trip and I’ll let you know how it went as well

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Korean Restaurant

Last night a friend and I decided to dine out, and we chose Arirang Korean Cuisine located in the Swiss Belhotel near Al Muthana Cent.

I have to say I was impressed with the food very tasty and generous portions and the best part everything arrived hot and tasted nice and fresh. It a shame that the restaurant was empty, I think it’s because no one knows about it or poor advertisement.

I could have photographed all the food we ate and posted everything here, but I though no… what’s the fun in that.

Let me talk about the explosion of flavours, how each ingredient, spice compliments one another to create this perfect balance of flavours in your mouth.

I highly recommend for everyone to go and try the food, if you are not familiar with Korean food, then ask for some assistance from the friendly staff they will be more than happy to help you.

The decoration is very oriental looking and nicely done, all is missing is some nice oriental music to set the right mood.

So, if you don’t know what to eat and your are tired of all the others cuisines choose ARIRANG Korean Cuisine on your next night out.


Happy eating


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Happy Birthday to wonderful Li!!!!

Baking Tray

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A time to give,


…a time to reflect on the misfortunes of others. Extend your hand and help those in need.

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